Massive Skeptic

Like many of you on social media, the majority of your newsfeed used to be kids, food, and really cool vacation photos.  Now, my feed is covered in sales pitches.  All. Day. Every. Day.  Do you need a patch  or a shake to lose weight?  Do you need magical oils to make you feel better?  Do you want amazing skin?  I bet you a dozen donuts that you have been on the receiving end of a Facebook message from someone you went to high school with and haven’t seen or heard from in 15 years, am I right?  The “Hey, How are you?  Your baby is so cute!  Are you ready to THRIVE???  Have you heard about IT WORKS?  You should really join my TEAM!”

The worst culprit of them all – The Rodan and Fields “consultants” – with their stats, their before and after pictures, and their 90 million posts.  UNFOLLOW, BLOCK, HIDE!  These MAGICAL potions, created by “The Doctors,” as they refer to them, is supposed to take away all of your acne, wrinkles, age spots etc, and it’s only….$298,739,874.  I am kidding, but it is pricey.  So many of my friends have contacted me not only about using the products but also about SELLING the products.  Now, I am in sales for a living, so that does not appeal to me at all, but “what keeps these people so adamant about these products,” I wondered. They keep showing these amazing before and after photos, but WHO ARE these people?  They are usually consultants, and I like to skeptically think they photoshop them. I am anxious to see REAL results. So after one of my friends offered to let me try it at “her price,” as long as I shared my before and after photos with her, I agreed, and I placed my order.

I have a great deal of sun damage, from spending hours in the tanning bed (death box), and I figured before I tried Laser and Botox, I would give this a shot.   I have ordered the Reverse Regimen with the AMP roller.  It was a deal, and I have wanted to see what this roller was about, so I drank that Kool-aid and ordered it.   I am doing this for me, the massive skeptic, and for every one out there who is also wondering if these products actually work.  I do NOT sell this stuff, I have NEVER used this stuff, and I can promise you, I am NOT getting paid for this.   I am a real-life and HONEST consumer, who is going to give you my honest review, along with some non-photoshopped selfies!  I am still waiting on it to come in (it is not on Amazon Prime-levels of shipping), but when it does, I will keep you posted weekly!

Let me know what your experience has been with the products, or what Facebook Sales pitches you would like to debunk? 🙂  I kid…kinda.


Before, no makeup, clearly need an eyebrow wax 6.6.16

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