Week 4 

Week 4 has been kinder to me, but I still don’t believe the pictures where the sun damage has completely disappeared.  I get that those are great tools to help you sell these products, but they are not realistic.   It shouldn’t be realistic – it took me 33 years to get this skin, I do not see it clearing up in 4 weeks! 

 I am posting two pictures – my before picture in comparison to my Week 4 picture, and my Week 3 compared to Week 4.  Yes, there is a difference.  I am probably the only one that notices it, but there is a difference.  Is it magic?  No.  I will continue to be patient and see how the next 30 days go. 

The thing is, I actually do LIKE the products.  For the first time in my life, I have wanted to wash my face every morning and night, and I have been very mindful of wearing sunscreen daily!  I like the way my skin feels and the way the products smell – so that is a definite plus! 

Bring on Week 5!!! 


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