Essentials Lotion

Hello!  I have been MIA for a week because I am about to start the Accelorator pack!  I am excited to see what this can do! 

Also – I decided last time I bought the products to try their Essentials lotion.  I’ll be honest – it’s cheap and I needed like $20 to get free shipping.  Yep, I am THAT girl!  Like my husband says “if I had a dollar for every dollar you saved me…” Anyway… I used to use an eczema lotion that my dermatologist told me to use because my skin is dry.  Dryer than dry.  My elbows are embarrassing and will cut you.  So I have tried tons of things, lotions, body washes, Vaseline… This essentials lotion actually is the first thing that has helped for more than a few hours!  

I honestly believe that there is crack in these products because you start to become obsessed… Eeeekkkkkk!!!! 


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