WOW Wednesday

Every day I study my face in the mirror, and swear that this stuff really isn’t helping.  It can’t be that magical, it is just face wash!  And then…I take a photo and compare it to where I was.  I always thought I had amazing skin because I NEVER broke out…ever.   Little did I know, how horribly dirty and dull my skin was, along with LOADS of sun damage.  Tanning beds are evil – DO NOT GO TO THEM!  If I could turn back the hours of time I spent in there ROASTING myself, I would in a heart beat!

If you are ready to reverse that sun damage, and take care of those wrinkles, shoot me an email!  No pressure, I am always happy to answer questions.  It took me 3 years of mulling it over and seeing other people’s results to try it out, so I totally understand! IMG_2565


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