So I am super excited that I got PROMOTED in my own business last month!  I worked about 5 hours total for the MONTH and got a pay raise…for playing on Facebook…and talking to my friends…  IT IS SO EASY!

I made this cute graphic today to mark my SEVEN MONTHS.  I am giving CASH BACK on FULL regimens and Business Kits THE WHOLE MONTH OF MARCH!  Yes, THE WHOLE MONTH!  Now is the time – I promise, you do not want to wait!   I was the biggest skeptic, and now I use the products, sell the products, AND MAKE MONEY!  Like decent money…from my phone…  Email me for more details.





I can’t believe I have not posted since OCTOBER!  Sorry for slacking, but man, life is BUSY with an almost 2 year old.  So I have been in this business for 5 months, and I could not be more pleased.  Hello paid-for products, Hello paychecks, but most importantly, HELLO RESULTS!  I just took an after photo today.  I have been on Reverse for 7 months, I started incorporating Redefine and the AMAZING EYE CREAM 2 months ago, and my results are just wonderful!  I am also incorporating the AMP MD Roller, and Microdermabrasion paste 2x a week!rf-7-months

People ask me all the time if I have had botox or lasers done.  I LOVE to tell them NO!

IF you are ready to jump in this EASY  business, and have amazing SKIN and GET PAID FOR IT, please email me today!

Accelerator Pack

Hey friends!!

I am two weeks in on the Accelerator pack, and I can definitely tell!  These freckles and age spots are disappearing, or lightening!   Can you tell?  If you want these results please email me or visit my page at!  Do not wait 3 years like I did!!

Sign up as a PC by Sept 30th and I will enter you to win a Redefine eye cream!  Woop Woop!


I Failed You…

I signed up to be a consultant.  I can’t believe it.  What am I doing?  I hate these people!  Why would I become one of them?  Y’all… My face… It actually works!  I’m annoyed – the internal struggle is so real right now!

I promise to…

  • ONLY tell you the truth
  • Not to blow up your Facebook
  • Not to talk about it at dinner parties unless you ask…
  • Not be someone you try to avoid when you see me!
  • Sell you only products I actually have used and believe in
  • Let you ride in my Lexus when I get it 😉😘

I will continue to post my progress because you know I’ll be real with ya!

Please feel free to email me at or visit my site at, and I will be more than happy to talk to you and give you my honest opinions!

Drinking the Kool-Aid!

Just shot another photo this morning!  We can call it my 60 day photo just because it is somewhere around there!

I have definitely tried the kool-aid.  I find myself ordering new products and considering selling this stuff one day!  WHAT?!  Who am I?  These people are so annoying!  I am becoming one of those annoying people, and part of me is okay with it, while the other part is screaming in agony!!

Are you tired of seeing my face yet?

60 Day R&F

Week 8 

Yesterday, I became incredibly discouraged and researched 638274 products on the internet because I was convinced that this stuff was not working.  Today, I took my 8 week photo, and compared it to my before photo, and was surprised.  While I still don’t believe the magical before and after pictures, this one is pretty realistic, and you can definitely see changes.

My skin is softer and brighter, and the spots are finally starting to disappear.  I just reordered, so I am in this for the long haul.

What do you think?  Can you tell?

Slowly but Surely 

Week 6 and there is not much change from week 5.  I like to compare to my Week 1 photo, because you can really see a difference.  The one thing I really notice is that the big large sunspot on my head is fading, and that makes me happy!

I have been slacking on the AMP rolled, so I will try and incorporate that more in this week.  The results are there.  Are they drastic?  No!   Are they noticeable?  Probably just to me  Am I happy with the products?  So far, yes!

It’s slow (probably boring) process, but as always, I will keep you posted!

**It looks like I blurred out my forehead with some sort of smoothing app, but I swear I didn’t!**